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School of Public & Allied Health Sciences

The College of  Public & Allied Health is committed to helping people live their best lives. As a professional, you are crucial to preventing illness and early, avoidable death, promoting healthy choices, and encouraging others to take an active role in their health. You work to diagnose, detect, respond to, prevent and treat diseases and illnesses that are infectious. You are in a position to dismantle inequities, to find and eliminate structural barriers that hold so many people back. You investigate threats to populations’ health, safety, and well-being, advocate for change, and ensure public health policies are carefully implemented. You have vast opportunities to make a difference, from working to improve the quality of the air, water, soil, and food and systems where people live, to preventing cancer, to improving health care delivery. This College has eight departments of specializations:

  • Community Health
  •  Public Health
  •   Epidemiology
  •  Biostatistics
  • Health Accounting 
  • Health Education & Promotion
  • Nursing with Specialties
  • Medical Laboratory Technology


School of Environmental & Dev. Studies

The College of Environmental & Development Studies is aimed at the Environment and combines natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to provide students with a deep understanding of how humans interact with and influence the environment. Students learn to think critically, conduct research, apply sustainability frameworks, and communicate to diverse audiences. Students also look at the challenges affecting the development of a country. It is more about finding policy solutions to societal problems. The College has five departments:

  • Environmental Health
  • Environmental Accounting
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Controls & Management
  • Development Studies


 School Of Applied Sciences

The School of Applied Sciences applied science is a discipline that is used to apply existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications. 

In natural science, basic science (or pure science) is used to develop information to explain phenomena in the natural world. This information is then put to use for practical endeavors through applied science. Invention and innovation are the core of this College. We offer the following courses:

  • Food Science & Technology
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry


 School Of Education

 The College of Education is known for preparing reflective, caring, and skilled educators who make a difference in the lives of their students in Liberia, throughout West Africa, and around the world.

Our mission is to improve teaching, learning, and human development in a global, diverse, rapidly changing, and increasingly technological society.

At the School of Education we:

  • prepare reflective, caring, and highly skilled educational practitioners and scholars who lead in their chosen professions;
  • inform educational theory and practice through research; and
  • work in partnership with a range of constituents to effect change from the local to national levels throughout the world.


We offer the following courses:

  • Education Management
  • Educational Administration
  • Science Education
  • Secondary Education


School Of Engineering

The School or College of Engineering is a bridge to the future, educating future engineers, developing new technologies, and recommending solutions to the challenges facing the world. CIU engineering and computing faculty, students, and staff are committed to answering the call for transformational education and substantially beneficial interdisciplinary research.


We offer the following courses:

  • Computer & Software Engineering
  • Water Supply & Sanitary Engineering
  • Water Supply & Sanitary Management 
  • Biomedical Engineering 
  • Petroleum Engineering


School of Business & Policy Studies

As a business school student, you will learn to take academic theories and apply them to real-world problems. The College crafts students into astute decision-makers and professionals who can readily navigate uncertainty, risk, and change. The policy process cannot be conveyed successfully without access to a “real world” laboratory. Hence, a degree from CIU emphasizes practical experience to help students develop the judgment necessary to complement traditional academic training. Drawing on an innovative combination of theory and practice, the CIU helps its students to become familiar with the fundamental intellectual tools that will enable them not only to formulate their own educated critique of their sociopolitical environment but also to participate actively and knowledgeably in the improvement of that environment.


We offer the following: 

  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Sector Management
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management


School of Agriculture

The School of Agriculture embraces its land-grant mission of providing innovative and cutting-edge research, teaching, and extension programs that respond to the educational, social, economic, and environmental needs of society. Our mission is to prepare students for leadership roles in the food, fiber, and natural resource professions by providing state-of-the-art experiential learning through agriculture.

  • Soil Chemistry
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Natural Resource Management 
  •  Veterinary Medicine *(Begins soon)


School Of Professional Studies

The School offers non-academic training for a specific profession. At this college, we recruit and train students into full professionals. There are huge opportunities for networking and partnerships with professionals who are already solving societal challenges. We offer the following programs:

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Certificates 
  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diplomas

Our Online Services

We have world-class programs that allow you to obtain a high-quality, low-cost education regardless of your location. The degree obtained is internationally recognized, allowing you to work anywhere in the world. In this time of modern education, the Digital Classroom is the best option to think about. Everything you need to facilitate effective learning is available.

Blended Learning Services

In our hybrid learning environment, students evaluate both online and traditional classrooms as options for attaining high-quality, low-cost education. It enables you to get the most out of digital learning and the classroom..

Our Campus Services

Cepres International University supports you in achieving your objectives by matching your ambition. Our programs are accredited by the Republic of Liberia’s National Commission on Higher Education. Our programs are cost-effective, allowing you to graduate debt-free with the knowledge you need to become an industry leader.

We believe that the quality of the environment, as well as competent and qualified instructors, have a significant impact on student productivity.  We offer the following services:


  • Counseling
  • Disability Services
  • Health Services
  • Career Centers
  • Financial Aid
  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Appeals/Human Rights Office

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